It’s Just for a Moment – A Poem by Namgyal

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November 6, 2014 by ArtBlogger

It’s just for a moment

It’s been so long that sun has set.
It took no time to lie down
Behind the dark hill.
It was more pleasing than anything
When it cast the golden rays
With a warmth amidst the cool waves
Of breeze stroking me gently.
The golden moment with the golden beams
Was the one I wished to hold.
But no triumph could I embrace,
For the golden ember soon turned black.
In a heart-freezing winter,
Warmth of the burning star touched my heart
For the shortest moment
Making me leap with the intense delight.
It, then, left me in the cold,
Long and dark night
Which shows no sign of disappearing.
I’m, now, in the darkest night
With no moon and stars
But the black and blur shades.

I feel you are the sun.
You are the warmth
Before the cold and dark night.
You have cast the golden light
That’s stroking me so gently.
But, now, I fear I’ll lose this moment.
Time seems to tell me that
Sun has now begun to hide
Behind the huge dark hill.

Everything we shared
And every moment we spent
Were all lovely and memorable.
But weren’t they too short?
The time has come
That we choose our ways.
You will surely find a way
Other than mine.
What I will find
Is the dark night.
You have come to my life
Like the warm sun of twilight.
I, now, fear the cold dark night.
For I know the night stays unbearably long.


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